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October 9, 2018

Phishing Emails

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Phishing is a serious security problem. It affects people and companies all over the world. And while things like ransomware infections and data breaches sound more serious, these problems often start with phishing emails. Majority of attacks involve threat actors contacting their victims using emails; attackers use phishing emails to manipulate victims into disclosing sensitive information and there are many ways attackers accomplish this. One well-known strategy is to trick victims into entering login credentials
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August 7, 2018

How can I block someone in GMAIL?

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With the rise of digital media and social networks, staying connected even when the other party wishes otherwise are really incredibly easy. From Facebook to Twitter, SnapChat to Gmail, it’s so much easier to connect than disconnect. Most all of these services have slowly gotten the message, however, and just about all now have some variety of tools or features to help you out. Google offers a variety of different ways you can try to block, ignore
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Ransomware is a lot more than your run of the mill virus. Attacks like WannaCry and Nyetya affected thousands of organizations and home users around the world and cost billions of dollars in damages. While data theft and other types of attacks are very destructive, ransomware takes things to the next level by literally holding your data hostage and demanding money in return. This has made it one of today’s most devious cyber weapons. Many
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In Today’s World of Mobile Media Consumption, Responsive Rules. Every so often, there’s a shakeup in the world of SEO. Outdated practices are replaced with fresh strategies, set forth by the powers that be in an effort to keep web users engaged, entertained, and informed. Recently, Google announced a change to their algorithms which gives SEO weight to responsive websites, which are sites that “respond” to the device that they are being viewed upon by
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July 26, 2018


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Mondays are hard enough to navigate when the weather is optimal, let alone when you’re digging out from a two-day blizzard. And if your situation is anything like mine (school is closed AGAIN?!?) then odds are you’re trapped in your house for at least one more day. Before the anxiety of “if I have to watch one more episode of Paw Patrol because of this stupid snowstorm” sets in, relax. You can still make major
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