Branding is the art of taking everything that your business is about–your company culture, your mission statement, that unique charm and charisma that separates you from your competitors—and translating that into a library of creative elements that tells your story.

Those elements include a strong logo, a clever company slogan, designated color palettes and typography, icons, imagery, and language. It’s taking all of those elements and creating a signature look that is specific to your business

NGD knows branding. We preach the science of consistency in collateral. We understand that a clear message conveys authenticity. We study the psychology of color and character. Our strategies are calculated and deliberate, and our results are incredible.

Our innovative visual artists and strategists have partnered alongside businesses big and small to create memorable branding campaigns that are timeless, relevant, and credible.

Successful marketing strategies aren’t created overnight, and throwing together ideas without careful consideration could result in wasted effort and investment. NGD’s consulting services give customers the opportunity to speak with an experienced marketing and branding professional on a variety of topics including how to reach prospective clients on the web, how to increase your Google ranking, the best strategies to engage your target market, and the best tactics to use to have a successful branding campaign.

Our consultants have practical, real-world experience in creating marketing campaigns. We’re also straightforward in our advice on which tactics may work best for your desired goal, and we back up our recommendations with data and facts.

For an immediate dose of marketing expertise, be sure to subscribe to our blog. Here you’ll find a library of content focused on all aspects of strategy and design. And when you’re ready for a consultation, simply contact our office and we will set up a time to chat.