SEO and  PPC

Behind every successful site ranking stands a dynamic SEO strategy, one that combines tried and true methods with progressive, innovative ideas.

NGD has been in the SEO game for quite some time, and we know how to build successful campaigns. We know why your competitors are outranking you, and we know what you need to do to outrank them.

If you’re ready to climb that sweet SEO ladder, then we’re ready to build it.

Services offered

PPC Campaign Mane

E-Commerce Solutions

Email Hosting

Content Management 


Organic SEO


Pricing for SEO services is determined by the scope of work. During your initial consultation, we define your desired result and budget. From there, we assess your current SEO efforts, as well as those of your competitors. Using this information, we customize an SEO strategy for your business.


SEO maintenance allows our team to monitor the activity on your website and make the necessary adjustments to keep your online presence competitive. We offer monthly maintenance packages ranging from as little as three hours per month all the way to unlimited.