Netflix (and chill), Hulu, YouTube TV, HBO Max and the list goes on and on. These great media apps, like most things were born out of necessity. The necessary act of Cutting Cord has been sweeping households for almost a decade now.

But what exactly is Cord Cutting and why do you need to consider doing it? This act can be defined as the unsubscribing from the multi-network contract signed by customers with a Cable Provider. We have all been stuck in contracts that we did not like but the main complaint voiced by subscribers was the number of channels they don’t watch in proportion to the dollar amount they pay. For example, sports fans only want to pay for Sporting Events and the surrounding shows, Movie fans want a great movie selection to watch from. But most people were getting channels that they had no interest in, thus feeling like they’re paying for something they didn’t ask for.

Rise in high-speed internet, fiber optics and content concerns also put a strain on the traditional cable industry. But with all these issues what were people doing for their entertainment? Enter Sandman! No, just kidding – Enter Streaming!

Streaming has become the preferred way people choose to consume their favorite Movies, TV Shows and Sporting Events for a number of reasons:

  • No binding contracts
  • No Hidden Price Spikes
  • Freedom of content choice
  • Easy Cancellation
  • Minimal required equipment (Majority of prospective users already own devices that can stream)

If the reasons above peak your interest, I would strongly recommend Cutting The Cord!