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Proper setup and maintenance of your computer network is one of the most overlooked areas of a business’s technological landscape. Our technicians can evaluate your current network and provide recommendations on modifications and upgrades, or build you a new solution from scratch.

Router, Switch, & Hub Configuration | Network Cabling Installation & Routing

Connecting Devices such as printers, scanners, copy machines, etc.

Multi-office Networking using Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Configuration of Firewalls and off-site backups

Custom Computer Builds

Whether you’re replacing an outdated workstation or outfitting a new division, the computer experts at NGD will custom build your computer, complete with hardware and software, at a price that is comparable to big box stores and online vendors. Our technicians will also deliver, setup, and configure your new computer in your office at your convenience.

VOIP Phone Servers

Switching your business phone services from your current provider to a VOIP service gives you increased flexibility, stellar customer support, and an overall reduction in costs.

Benefits of VOIP Include:

Lower costs as  compared to a conventional phone

Log in to your VOIP telephone from any location with a broadband connection

Setup customized greeting, busy, and away messages

Forward incoming calls to an automated attendant or cell phone

Receive detailed incoming/outgoing data reports

If you’re interested in VOIP services, then contact NGD to schedule a site audit with one of our technicians. During your walkthrough, we will inspect your current equipment setup, internet speed, and location to see if your business would benefit from VOIP services.

NGD will handle your VOIP system transition from start to finish. We offer a variety of phone systems suitable for businesses of all sizes. Once you’ve chosen your phones, we will setup, configure, and train you and your staff on how to operate your new phone system.

Spoof! Be Gone!

Spoof! Be Gone!

Isn’t it great we don’t have to print out MapQuest directions anymore? Or what about being able to book a restaurant reservation right from your couch? The expansion of the internet and rise of smartphones has made our lives easier, made us more mobile but also more...

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Email Scam, Oh No!

Email Scam, Oh No!

Many of you have already been contacted already from yourself believe it or not, that is how it looks at least, when some of these email scams come into your email. A slew of personal and business customers alike have been hard pressed when confronted with these...

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What browser do you use?

What browser do you use?

Back in the early days of internet there were only one or two options for browsing the internet, nowadays there are an endless list of browsers to choose from, so which one do you use? Most browsers are used basically the same, type in an address and boom your there,...

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